Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Egoist's Missoni dress is love

decided not to buy the Murua Poncho in the previous post
(which was actually sold out as well within 2 days)

favourite Japanese brands at the moment Murua and Egoist
are going to get some lovely new items that i wanted to report

first is this cute flare top which comes in the colours
white, black, pink, mix
wonder what mix is but unfortunately Egoist doesn't give
colour samples on it's website

this one is similar in design but caught my eye especially in the
combination with the long camisole one piece which is sold
for 3, 675 yen (hope they got other colours as well) and
printed head accesssoire

onepiece with missoni like zigzag print i like really much
comes in the colours
black, brown, purple, orange
can't wait to see the other colours as well
but the colour on the pictures is surely nice for fall as well

From Today Murua is selling a new version of it's popular
vintage rucksack which was sold out within short time as
many Murua items are.
Personally i like the new one better as it seems bigger
and you can use it also as a shoulderbag /handbag as well

actually I am not a frequent poster of fashion pics of myself
as I don't have much confidence about my own fashion
sense of putting items together. I'm still in a loooong
phase of experimentation after my longtime love for surf
gyaru clothes.
Wish I'd be summer soon for I want don't have to be
wearing leggings or trenka

i'd love to afford designer items but most of my stuff
is H&M or Zara or Egoist

Samstag, 16. April 2011

Murua denim poncho (buy or no buy?)

I was really looking forward to this unique Murua item getting
into the stores since I saw it in the Murua Newspaper.
Unfortunately I can't see it for myself since I'm in Germany
at the moment...............and probarbly sold out till I get

Well I wasn't sure if I should buy it anyway since it looked
so lovely in the picture on Momoko (which is very edited)
so the colours are really highlightend.
I would have bought the poncho if the colours were really
like in these pictures

But in real the poncho's colour is a looot more grey and dark

Love the shilouette and the idea of a denim poncho
but the colour....couldn't they have made it lighteer...

So what do you think...........Buy or no buy???

PS: the flower pringt Paggins Momoko is wearing
are love too right?

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Gets and wants

I'm taking a break from Japan for a month for visiting my family in
Germany. One week will be spend at Mallorca!!

Recently in love with these gorgeous Catrice cosmetic

Ultimate Nudes

nail colours. Sooo lovely and so now!

They are at just about 2 Euros each, which is such a reasonable price

bought the one called My café au lait at Nôtre Dame

and still want the other 6 ones as well

Got myself these lovely H&M bracelets for 2,95 Euro each.
But regretting a bit cause i wanted the coloured one but should have choosen
the beige / white one for a better contrast.
Nothing helps...have to buy one more!!

and why oh why!! is the make-up of the 60s&70s ladies so perfect???
Those bambi eyes with thick eyeliner and false eyelashes!!!!! Perfection
Even gal make looses to them.

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

In love

Recently in love with

the new maxi lace onepiece from Egoist

(And the final question: Black or White?)

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Situation in Sapporo, Japan

I don't know what to do..................

The situation in Japan is so severe at the moment....

I'm spending all time I can on watching news and observing the
new developments.

Everybody in Germany wants me to go back. I know German
media is reporting a lot more heavy on the situation in Japan
than the Japanese media do. It might be only a cultural mentality
difference, since Germans are easier to panic, as well as they have
the experience of a nuclear cloud 1986. But it might be because
Japanese government lacks information. I do not know.

At the moment I am in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
It is said to be safe as it is 650km from Fukushima. But if the worst
case happens and the Fukushima reactors burst into a nuclear cloud
what guarantees that this cloud might not be blown to Hokkaido?
I don't want my health to be dependent on the wind and weather.
In fact Sapporo measures higher radiation in the last days than usual
though too little too affect health.

I want to go back so much. But I have my Japanese husband here for
who it is difficult to part with his family and leave them.
His famlily thinks it is safe here. I can't believe how calm yet naive they
are. The nuclear bomb already happend in Japan and it is not as bad as
I don't think so! It is as bad as that if not worse. INES scale is 6!!! One
level below Chernobyl that had the scale of 7. The worst case.

The clothes shop I work for doesn't want me to to leave at least till
24th because they have too little staff. My husbands work also
wants him to stay till 24th till they finish their work deadline.
But 24th is still one week away. I don't think Fukushima powerplant
will make it till that when the situation is already as severe as now.

We already had decided to leave together on Sunday but after
speaking with my husbands family they think it's more important
for my husband to finish his work till the deadline 24th.
That's why we didn't buy tickets yets.

I can't stand the pressure anymore.

I do now know what to do. Almost everybody I know has left the
country or at least gone to Osaka.

If i was alone in Japan I would have left already

While I am in a state of frustration everything goes the normal
way in Sapporo. People are just like any days. The shop I work
for has almost no change in customers. I can't believe how
anybody can go shopping for fashion and spring clothes these
days. Don't they watch TV and see the suffering situation in
the refugee camps in Japan where the earthquake survivors
sharing the little food and water they have suffering from

My family in Germany is so worried but I can't go alone
without my husband. He is my life now
So much pressure from all sides.
I feel like a bursting bomb myself.
From abyss of despair

Dienstag, 1. März 2011

SS 2011 Murua + Egoist want items

Recently these items on my top wanting list!!
I'm really getting to like Egoist and Murua this Spring season.


Stripe shirt which i want to have in brown or bordeaux

This white cute pullover Rumi Neely had a
photoshooting in
I hate that they choose Elli-Rose for their
lookbook though

This lovely trench coat is going to be in store 3/4 in
Sapporo. I love the assimetric line and the unique

I know wide suede hats are anywhere now but
I really love this trend so this time I don't mind
others wearing it as well.
This shop staff's hair is love!!

This hair is really nice! So natural but cute


I loved the collabo with Karolina Engmann. It's so good to
see Japanese and Non-Japanese fashion work together.
The pictures in the lookbook for SS 2011 were so nice to look
at and really great quality

What especially cought my eye was this see though
jacket (Sorry bad pic quality bad lightening)

This shirt is really nice too. I hope it comes to stores
soon. Egoist produced a similar one but as from the
pictures Murua's looked better shilouette wise, but have
to see them in real for deciding which to buy

As you can see I'm really in love with the Spring
"blogger look" which is huge in Japan at the moment.
It just suits my personal style so much. It's been long
ago that a trend has cought me that much so I think
I'm gonna buy a lot this season before the "blogger
look" gets out of trend and out of stores, even then I'm
gonna wear it anyway I guess

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

Macaron and rainbow tulips

here I am again since I have three free days this week ( For the weeks

I had one so that still makes 7 free days this month, which i mostly
spend doing laundry and relaxing from work so I didn't have
the power for blogging. Sorry!!!

So I know I'm kind of late buuuuuuut as I love Valentine's day

since I love cooking stuff as well and it's just the occasion for
doing over the top pink cute sweets.
This is what i gave:

made of this:
Macaron set and chocolate pens in pastel colours
which was more difficult to make than i thought
since it was a set. But they turned out quite well i guess

and this: (plus the file and the 2 straps i got for buying
4 meiji chocolate bars for the dinosaurs chocolates


They looked kind of flat at the beginning

but after baking and sandwiching them and decorating
they lookes really cute

My man fighting with the snow during me making macarons

and the lovely flowers i got for Valentine
since I don't like waiting till WhiteDay
so I prefer it the Non-Japanese way

Rainbow tulips!!!!